Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So I've been reading this book Writing From Life. It's interesting. It recommends that when writing childhood memories to write in the first person (that makes sense) in the present tense (which makes sense but is often easier said than done).

Oddly enough, ever since I read Jay McInerney's Bright Lights, Big City I've found myself writing about myself in the 2nd person ("you/yours" as opposed to "I/me/mine"), and often in the past tense... as writing of events which have passed often comes naturally in the past tense.

The author of the book argues that by writing in the first person, present tense it adds a certain degree of credibility to the writing. I do agree with that, but I'd counter by saying that by writing in the 2nd person the writer is forming a stronger bond or connection with the reader. The reader is no longer reading the story from the author's perspective, the reader is suddenly being directly addressed as if the story were happening to/had happened to him/her instead of to the writer.

Despite the author's suggestion I think I'll you think you'll try to continue writing as you always have. ;-) But from now on maybe you'll write of the past in the present tense.

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