Wednesday, March 29, 2006


What is this that you're feeling? This strange feeling of nostalgia and remorse--like a painting with two colors that clash so bady your eyes get sore.You remember smiles and laughter from happier times, the people who passed through your life and left their mark, only to disappear into the periphery after making their mark and shaping who you are. You miss them in their absence. But they are never really absent, a part of them is always with you, a mark left for you--a parting gift, if you will. Even if you never see those people again, you still have the memories and those memories are a gift that can never be taken away.

Memories of playing table tennis with badminton raquets, of gorging on Pizza Rolls and Bagel Bites over funny movies and good conversation.... memories of illegal campfires at the college's nature center--with laughter, smiles, cheap alcohol, and the soundtrack of crickets and the cars passing on the nearby highway.

And you hold onto those memories for dear life because when the chips are down and your life stops making sense, those memories are the string around your finger reminding you of all the good things in life--reminding you that no matter how rough life gets it's always better to grin and bear it so you can be around to have new experiences and make new memories with the people in your life, whether their role in your life is a fleeting moment or if they're there for the long haul.


The Phoenix said...

Those people who pass through your life, and leave you forever changed "life's teachers."

Sometimes, you meet someone at a certain point in your life...and it seems like there a reason behind it. It could just be coincidence, but it could also be that the person is there to make an impact on your life.

Table tennis with badminton racquets? I would've kicked all yo' asses.

Keshi said...

Beautiful nostalgic post Perplexio...loved it!

**But they are never really absent, a part of them is always with you, a mark left for you--a parting gift, if you will.

thats so true...

This post is somewhat like my Cellular Album post...some ppl and moments may never be in ur life again...but the memories remain...


Perplexio said...

Phoenix: Actually you probably would have done just that. The badminton raquets actually made it much more difficult.

Keshi: This is an old post from my old blog on livejournal. Your "cellular album" post reminded me of it so I hunted it down in my archives and reposted it. I originally posted this back in 2002.

Bar Bar A said...

Wow, this brought me back to my old friends from an era gone by....this was bittersweet for me. Good stuff.

The Phoenix said...

Livejournal...I remember that thing. Blogging seems so new, but you forget some people have been doing it for many years, actually.

Great post. It really got me thinking about all those people I haven't stopped to think about in awhile.

Bar Bar A said...

just added this site to my links.

I'll give you ten bucks if you take word verification off. I haven't had one spam in months!!!

(my eyes are going crazy!)

Keshi said...

oh ok, great :)