Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lost and Found

Yesterday on the way to work I dropped off a camera containing what both my wife and I thought were pictures from our recent cruise. Upon picking up the photos, however, we discovered that they were from a New Years Party we'd gone to with our friends back on New Year's Eve 2002. We didn't even remember having a camera with us that night so these pictures came as quite a pleasant surprise.

My friend, Pete, and I. Pete introduced my wife & I to each other back in 2002 and was the best man in my wedding.

My friend-- Mike, my wife-- Toni, and Pete

Toni & I when we were still both new to the relationship.

I've since gotten new glasses and shaved off the facial hair. But man do these pictures ever bring back memories.


Susan as herself said...

That is so fun to find old film or photos like that--- It's happened a couple times to me, and it's sort of almost as cool as finding forgotten money in a pants pocket.

The only time it can be bad is if you find it after someone has died who is in the photos... this happened when my brother was killed in a motorcycle crash---we developed the film we found in his camera and there were photos of him having fun with friends. It was so hard to look at them.

I am glad your photos were of a happy time!!!

Perplexio said...

Some of my distant cousins found a very old camera and took the film in to be developed. One of the pictures in the camera was of my mother at about age 10, which means it had to have been taken around 1945. They gave that photo to my mother when they discovered it.

Snooze said...

Those are found treasures.